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2017 NEWS

Walston School

Please find below latest on Walston School

Please note that the plans for the new Primary School at Elsrickle will be available to view on Wednesday the 30th of August between 3pm and 6.30pm in Walston Primary School. The architect and School Modernisation Team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the new school.

Please share this information with any interested parties.


Gordon Turnbull
Project Officer
School Modernisation. Brandon Gate. 1 Leechlee Road Hamilton ML3 OXB.
Phone: 01698 452067


40MPH Dolphinton Extension

Copy of letter from Transport Scotland to Aillen Campbell MSP here


Walston School

Please find below latest on Walston School

Statutory Consultation


2016 NEWS

Closure of the Lockhart Hospital in Lanark

The BMCC have been informed of a provisional date for open meeting as part of South Lanarkshire consultation process for the proposed relocation of Walston School, it is currently planned take place on Tuesday 30th August 2016 at 6pm in Elsrickle Village hall.  There will be a confirmation notice of the confirmed date nearer the time in the local paper.

Closure of the Lockhart Hospital in Lanark

To all Clydesdale Community Councils.

I am writing to all of the Community Councils in Clydesdale. I.e those who will ultimately form the

Clydesdale CC Forum.

All of you will be aware of the sudden closure of the Lockhart Hospital in Lanark and, although this

might be initially thought of as a purely Lanark issue, it should be remembered that although

situated in Lanark, the Lockhart serves all of Clydesdale and many of your constituents will be

disadvantaged by this peremptory decision of NHS Lanarkshire to a greater or lesser degree.

The purpose of my letter is to advise you of a meeting to be held in Lanark’s Memorial Hall at 7pm

on August 17th, at which senior personnel of NHS Lanarkshire will be in attendance, and to which

representatives of every GP Practice in Clydesdale will also be invited.

It is hoped that at this meeting the depth of concern felt by the community impacted by this

(hopefully temporary) closure can be clearly articulated to NHS Lanarkshire and their responses to

these concerns, and any proposals which they might table, can be evaluated – and responded to –

by the community.

Although my letter is sent specifically to the Executive Members of each CC in Clydesdale, please

be aware that ALL of your members would be welcome and indeed, I would urge you to consult

with your own local constituents and either bring along any and all with concerns or alternatively,

be prepared to table concerns on their behalf at an open Q&A Session on the night.

It is hoped that such a united front presented by Councillors; Constituents; and most importantly

“Customers” will encourage NHS Lanarkshire to tread warily in their austerity programme and

focus instead and primarily on the welfare and comfort of the community they claim to serve!

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Gunning

Chair, Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council.

Walston School

Please find below latest Walston School report and plan

School Report

School Plan

Please note that Executive Committee approved the undertaking of a statutory consultation on the above.  Notification of the consultation will be published in the local press prior to the process commencing on the 15th August 2016 – this advert will also publicise that a Pubic Meeting will be held.  We are currently considering Tuesday 30th or Wednesday 31st August in the Public Hall for this – feedback welcomed on whether this would suit the school and doesn’t clash with any other parents’ evenings / parent council meetings or the like?

A consultation proposal document will then be issued to parents of pupils attending Walston Primary School as at 15th August, parents of pupils due to attend the school within a 2 year period (by circulating via local nurseries), local elected members, plus other statutory consultees and the local community council. It will also be available to all interested parties via the Council’s website or on request from HQ or from the school.

If you have any queries on the consultation process meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Lisa Kirkwood

Primary Schools Modernisation Coordinator

South Lanarkshire Council

Schools Modernisation Team

Brandon Gate

Ground Floor, 1 Leechlee Road



Tel: 01698 452129

Mobile: 07795 453158


council website:

Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan sets the spatial planning framework for the whole of our area and provides the context for determining planning proposals. 

 I would encourage us all to know what is being put forward for how our communities should look in the future - and to make our views known.

Meeting scheduled Friday 24 June at the Biggar Corn Exchange from 10-2pm

Consultation dates here


2015 NEWS

Walston School

Please find below  an extract from a reply to a previous enquiry regarding the potential relocation of  Walston Primary school.

Why were the original plans drawn up for the new school in such a way as not to be suitable for the present site? Proposals for the erection of a replacement school at the existing site in Walston have been prepared to meet all the Councils site and specification requirements for primary school and nursery provision. There was some feedback at the Parent/Resident Roadshow regarding the design of the play area and car parking. Should the Council proceed with the plans on the existing site we would undertake refinements to the plans to reflect the comments received prior to the submission of a Planning Application.


Why has Elsrickle been proposed as the new site for the school with a further housing development? It appears they are not separate entities unless the houses are a proviso of the school being built?
Following the receipt of comments at the parent and resident roadshow the relocation of the school to a site within Elsrickle has been suggested as an alternative to the redevelopment of the existing site.  The Council is currently undertaking an initial appraisal of the benefits of this proposal and the suitability of the site. If it is decided to proceed with the relocation of the school it would be undertaken separately from any other development proposal.

How many times has housing and school regeneration taken place within SL?
All School Modernisation Projects are undertaken separately from residential developments although through the Planning Application process Education Resources do review the impact of new residential developments on school capacity and can seek developers contributions  towards additional accommodation required as a result of increased pupil numbers generated by housing developments. For example a new primary school is planned at Newton, Cambuslang which will be partly funded by the developer of the Newton Community Growth Area.


How can a new school building be predicated on the development of yet another housing development? Such a development added to the existing approval for Townfoot will MORE then Double the number of dwellings with the Elsrickle settlement boundary. How can that be considered sustainable given the lack of public transport infrastructure? Any application for a new school would be assessed on its own merits against appropriate local plan policies and taking into account other relevant considerations as would proposals for any new housing in the village.


The existing houses, local to the proposed school development, are already at risk of the effects of flash flooding (See attached photograph). The footprint of the school and its associated hard standings will unquestionably increase that risk.
A Flood Risk Assessment would be undertaken as part of the planning application process.


In the event that the development proceeds the question of vehicular traffic management will require serious consideration.
Roads and Transportation Services would be consulted on any applications that are submitted for either a new school or residential development.



The residents were given an assurance that they would be consulted before work on the project proceeded. As I write contractors are on the site with earth moving equipment (See attached photograph). Is this a case of more hollow promises and we are faced with a fait accompli?
The contractors on site are undertaking a site investigation which is a necessary part of evaluating whether the site can be considered for the new school site. Should the Council wish to take the proposal further it would require to undertake a statutory consultation, which would allow stakeholders to make representations prior to formal consideration by the Council.

Local Roads

Q&As from Community Council to SLC

The BMCC met on the 8th June and requested that the following be written.

We understand from Councillor Hamish Stewart that we have 3 roads within the BMCC area down for investment. 

Greenshields Road £80000

Newmill Road £48000

Biggarshiels Rd £31500

1. Please could you advise on the approximate date for these and where they are in the programme of works.
At this moment the works on both Newmill Rd and Greenshields Rd have not been programmed

2. In addition,  does the £80K for the Greenshiels Road include the drainage work, or is has the drainage work been accounted for in a separate budget?

       The drainage works on Greenshields Rd was undertaken from a separate budget last financial year

3. Which bits of Greenshiels road are due for the investment?

      It is proposed that the works will be undertaken from the bridge near the A721 and continue southwards through the settlement and finish near the woods. 

4. We understand that the drain in Greenshiels that has been repaired was not compacted down appropriately and has had cones down it for 4 months can you advise on the timeframe for full resolution.
The verge where the drain was repaired has been re-graded and grass seeded. It is anticipated that the cones will be in place to until the grass seed grows and covers the soil.

5. The Biggarshiels road we note that this has been re surfaced dressed would it be possible for this to be swept particularly at the junctions out of concern for cyclist and motorcyclists.?

       Biggarshiels Rd has already been brushed of excess surface dressing material. However, I will check on site this week and make arrangements to have it swept if required.

6. Does the surface dressing costs come out of he £80K ?

     The £80,000 is solely for works on Greenshields Rd, all other works have their own allocation of funds

NHS Consultation

Regarding the review of primary care out of hours services,There are public consultation meetings taking place over the next two months.

All the meetings are open to anyone from across Lanarkshire. They  will be held at 6.30pm with information stands and refreshments available before the formal meetings will starts at 6.50pm. The meetings are due to finish at 8.30pm:

Cumbernauld/Kilsyth - Tuesday 10 March, Cumbernauld Town Hall, Bron Way, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire G67 1DZ

Lanark/Biggar/Carnwath - Monday 16 March, Lanark Memorial Hall, Bonnington Auditorium, Saint Leonard Street, Lanark, South Lanarkshire ML11 7AB

East Kilbride/Strathaven - Tuesday 24 March, The Village Centre, 12 Maxwell Drive, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire G74 4HG.

We are also holding consultation roadshow:

East Kilbride Shopping Centre - 11am-1pm, Saturday 14 March

Details of the consultation, including copies of the full and summary consultation documents, are available at

If you would like NHS Lanarkshire to provide additional information or attend a specific meeting to present the service proposals please send us an email at with the details of your request or call us on 01698858268  and a member of staff will discuss this with you.

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